Monday, February 19, 2018

Hockey night: some pics

 On Saturday night, the refs cancelled on Harry's hockey game, so the caches declared it a parents-versus-kids scrimmage ad said siblings could skate, too.  Ben and Harry ad Jack and Cooper were on the ice before you could say BROKEN TAILBONE
 I love Harry's pink laces-- you can always tell which one he is
 This was as loud as you imagine it to be.
 NBD, Dorothy ad her 8 year-old friend were all over the scoreboard.
Ben kept telling Jack to skate faster and then the next day he got a flu diagnosis.  OOPS.
 Dude!  I am wrinkle-free and white-toothed in a hockey rink-- what gives?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

What We're Eating This Week 8/52

Waffles, pancakes (both because of a pretty intense and unresolvable conflict re: chocolate chips), eggs, bacon, fruit, OJ
Bought all of that stuff but then went out for tacos.
Chicken enchiladas with chips and salsa
Seven thousand activities and leftovers
MYO chicken salads, french bread, probably brownies
Hot dogs, fries, veggies and dip-- we never ate this last week because of all of the things we have foolishly committed to between
Chicken pot pies, salad, fruit
Pizza or maybe Chinese-- crazy, I know.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Video of the week

Here's a new thing I am trying.  Let me know what you think.

This week's video is actually 3 because I am not a good editor.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Royal Princess Ball Made us Jump for Joy

On Saturday, Dorothy and I were lucky enough to snag two VIP tickets to the Royal Princess Ball!  Neither of us had any idea what the heck this event could possibly be about, but we were excited anyway because ROYAL PRINCESS BALL? How could that be anything but awesome!

The hardest part for Dorothy was figuring out which Disney costume to wear.  Top contenders: Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine.  She also contemplated her Poppy costume since technically that elf is a princess,  But don't think she didn't try to cram on her super teeny Sleeping Beauty, Anna, and Elsa dresses, too.  She forgot all about poor Cinderella until she got there and saw a bevy of them.  As soon as we walked into the lobby she said loudly, "Oh my gosh!  There are SO MANY ELSAS. "  And there were.

Ready to go (she went with Jasmine, obvi, and her pink heels that have Disney Princesses ON THE INSIDE (we saw about 10 other little girls in the same shows because TARGET), also lipstick and blue mascara.
I was like listen, I don't want you to think you have peeked at 4 or anything, but this is probably your only VIP experience. 
When the doors to the ballroom opened, we found an entire space packed with princesses and tiny girls in princess costumes and their Instagramming moms.  It was pretty much awesome.

 Dorothy contemplated her autograph strategy.

 Look at that sweet little proud face!
 For the next 45 minutes before the other ticket holders gained access to the ball, we just sort of walked around this hall of princesses and got autographs and took pictures and made crafts like crowns and... well, all I saw was crows but there were so many craft tables, I have to imagine there were also other things.

Then they played the song from Frozen about opening up the gates and let everyone else in, which CRACKED ME UP.  And then the real party started.  It was like a tiny princess mosh pit and Dorothy loved every second:

After more dancing than I thought could possibly be fun but WAS, apparently, the emcee said she had a special surprise and started playing "I've Got This Feeling" and then PRINCESS POPPY bounced her way into the ballroom.  Dorothy was ecstatic because POPPY IS HER FAVORITE!
We had more fun than I thought we would, but I think, as in all things with little kids, the trick is to keep your expectations suuuuuuuuuuper low.
She immediately started work on improving her autograph book:
And then!  On our way back to the car, I snapped my favorite picture in the world!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

V-Day: The day after

If you ever need to do a V-day activity with 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders, I recommend this broken hearts game.  You cut a bunch of hearts in half and label them each with a famous pair-- one half of the pair each half of the heart (things like shoes and socks, Minnie and Mickey, milk and cookies, etc).  Then mix the hearts up and pass them out to the kids.  They have to run around the room and find their match.  It was SUPER FUN!!
 To get Dorothy to give me a teeny little bit of a break (ha! as if!) while I did some class party prep on Tuesday, I asked her to make a happy V-day banner with a couple of packs of Dollar Store doilies.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY PACKS OF DOILIES lying around in early February-- that's a pro-tip.
 Cooper helped her, briefly. but then he was seized by cultural stereotypes and decoded that all the hearts made him puke.
 I dyed my cupcakes pink but of course they came out slightly orange.  So then I added some blue, and they turned the color of everyone's parent's bedroom carpet in the 90s.  More read helped.  but, I mean, they're still peach.
 Heart banner.  So gross.
 I got a bunch of pink wine and junk food and had friends over to watch Happy Death Day (so terribly bad). I  asked Harry to find a funny Galentines Day meme and write it on my letter board, and he totally delivered.  Plus it kept him busy for whole minutes.
 The V-Day breakfast table.
 While I waited for the kids to wake up, I made some food "art"

 Harry hd a solo V-Day before the other kids woke up.
 Then he left, and they all found their treats.
 Cooper got a farting pig game and Jack got a dice game, and they played happily, which was sweet.
 Dorothy got herself all dressed up and then told a mom at school that I made her wear that.  Ha!  AS IF.
 Jack also dressed fancy.  Cooper, though. went with a super hero shirt that Jack got as a bday party favor in 4K.
 The best part of being a little kid on V-Day is coming home and going through your classroom loot, obvi.
 But, for Dorothy, the second best part was going to Harry and Jack's school parties.  On the way there, I found Cooper's water bottle in a snow bank.  That thing has been missing for a solid week.
 I had the 4th graders use their conversation hearts to tell a story, and Jack got paired up with the girl he is in lurve with.  As soon as the teacher called their names, Jack borrowed Dorothy's sunglasses so he could be the heart-eye emoji face.
 Cooper's party was BANANAS.  For that one, I wrapped up 22 cereal boxes, and the kids decorated them and then handed out their cards and ate a snack.  It was intense.
 I don't even know what to say about that:
 When did Valentines Day become winter Halloween?
 The most fun part, though, was leaving the kids to eat heart-shaped pasta with a babysitter and hitting the road! 

We went to a wine bar
 And then we played bar trivia, which is REALLY HARD with 2 people.  We got 10th.  Out of 13.  BUT!  We will try again!
 Explorers:  (It was NOT Dora).