Thursday, July 19, 2018

Baseball Tourney Weekend

The main reason we only camped for one night is not that I am a prissy asshole (but, also, yes).  It's that Harry (and Ben, the team coach and a REALLY BIG DEAL) had a baseball tournament i a neighboring town.  I say neighboring, but it was an hour away in the middle of freaking NOWHERE.

The first thing we did after dropping Ben and harry off at te field was find the greasiest spoon we could find and have breakfast.  It was so good the kids begged to go back the next day, and I am not one to refuse a greasy spoon.

 Then we busted out our iPads and covered ourselves with beach towels and pretended to be NOT OUTSIDE.
 Ben wore some truly unsettling shoes and socks.  THEY WERE GOOD LUCK.
 The snow cone truck showed up THANK GOODNESS, and Dorothy and Cooper's shade towels (originally brought along for use on wet playground equipment) became the perfect full-body bibs.
 The kids got REALLY BORED as the second game (the team played back-to-back-- like, they never left the field!) unwound, so I just kept plying them with snacks.
 MOTY, clearly. (He;s not actually missing teeth from normal kid losing teeth stuff. THEY ROTTED OUT OF HIS HEAD  because I let him drink Pepsi.  Kidding.  BARELY).
The won their games!  Both of them!
The next morning, we were back at it gain bright an early.

But first!  A couple of Buckies (only 6 to go!!!!!!)

Back to the greasy spoon!
Also!  We upgraded our set up with an umbrella and a sports wagon (that my smart friend Virginia takes to the library to haul books-- GENIUS.
The team lost and did not advance to the championship game, so we drowned our sorrows in the best ice cream ever.  I told Cooper it was a metaphor but he tried to literally drown in ice cream.

This place!  Picture perfect!

We liked it so much we bought a squeezey cow.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


I shouldn't be so surprised that i had fun camping-- I also had fun camping in 2016-- remember!

We went with 8 other families, and the rest of them stayed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  We only stayed on Thursday night (and the whole day Friday).  I do NOT think I would have been  a happy camper for 2 more nights.  But one night?  SO FUN.  (We want to camp again in October, and Ben really wants to stay 2 nights, which makes sense because setting up a campsite is a HUGE pain in the ass.)

I let the kids pack for themselves, giving them this list: (The literate ones read it to the ones who can't read.  TEAM WORK).
This is the picture I sent our friends when we were supposed to be in the damn car already.
As soon as we got there, the kids went full on Lord of the Flies and ran wild in the woods, which was awesome.

 Ben spent a TON of time setting up our site and trying not to kill the rest of us.
 Dorothy and her American Girls set up their tent ASAP.
 Trying to inflate my couch in a pouch.

Pro tip:  Make sure your hair starts out looking like ass. Then you won't notice your inevitable decline so much.
 Dorothy found the box of head lamps, and her night was made.
The kids had so much fun!
 Jack and I spent some time reading around the fire, which would have been nicer, had it not been 1000-degrees and humid.
 Feral Dorothy
 Props to me for bringing art stuff.
 Seriously, you guys.  She played wih flashlights all night.
 So did he.
 One group of friends dubbed their site "Camp Hammock," and the kids flocked there.
 Yard games.
 We brought our fancy cameras!
 Kids running wild.

Shoulder riding.
 I baked a million cookies, and we used them for s'mores.  GENIUS.
 Dorothy' s doll appeared to have a scary night.  (The kids were up FOREVER because a raccoon kept skulking around our site.  And then!  At 2 am, we heard scratching and looked out of our tent windows to see THREE OF THEM on our tarp.  One of them stood up on his hind legs and put his weird leather hands on the tent and SNIFFED US.  I fell right back to sleep as soon as I realized it wasn't axe murderers. )

I brought my French press, but the water took so dang long to boil, I had to send the kids to the camp store for coffee while I waited.
Our visitors left a handprint on the grill.  Ew.

The kids had pre-breakfast donuts whole Ben scrambled eggs and made bacon.
 Bro time.
 We clearly woke up fresh as little daisies.  HA HA HA.
 Campsite yoga.
 It was about 4 million degrees, but Cooper bought a fleece blanket at the camp store.
 Jack had just a few things in his pocket.
 Every time he ate a Tic Tac, he claimed to be brushing his teeth.

Beer for breakfast.
And then!  We spent the rest of the day at the beach.  I loved every second and even GOT IN THE WATER.

 And we all lived happily ever after. But when I took our sleeping bags out of the dryer their were FLIES in the lint trap.  Barf.   THE END.