Sunday, November 18, 2018

What We're Eating This Week 47/52


It's Thanksgiving week!! 

Here's the menu we are working on:

Relish tray
Chopped liver with tiny rye bread
Meat, cheese, crackers

Matzoh ball soup


Sweet potatoes
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Cheesy potatoes

Cranberry orange relish
Fluffy jello


Cabbage rolls

Roasted Brussels sprouts
Roasted carrots

Pumpkin pie
Peanut butter blossom cookies

I am not making green bean casserole this year (I KNOW) because normal roasted veggies are so good and so much healthier.  Soup in a new addition, but Jack will be happy because that soup is his fave. The trifle is also something brand new, but it was on the cover of Better Homes, so how could I go wrong?

Saturday, November 17, 2018

It's bundle season.

Oh, you guys.

It's that time of the year again.  When the it takes an hour to get everyone out the door because they have to bundle themselves so aggressively.  The good news is, this time of year only last for about seven months.

Jack, by the way, has already lost a coat.  A North Face coat.  I tell you that to provide context for these pics:

Why buy Jack one pair of snow pants when I can buy him 2.  AT WAL MART.  Because they will probably both get lost.

All bundled:

Friday, November 16, 2018

Am Writing

I went back to the basics, you guys, and I forced myself to open my book doc everyday, even if I only write a paragraph or two.  The result?  Bye-bye shame spiral.  Also, I am relearning the truth I figured out in grad school:  YOU CANNOT WAIT FOR INSPIRATION TO STRIKE.  You have to write everyday, no matter what, even if you really don't want to.  And!  There is no perfect place to do it.  I mean, sure.  I wish it was all scented candles and soft music.  BUT that's never going to happen.  EVER.

Instead, I am writing at Whole Foods while I eat a quick curry chicken wrap before my adjunct class.

I am writing in my office.
 At home while the kids play cards.
 In my room while I do a TJ' face mask.
 At night when I would rather be watching a movie with the kids.
 At hockey practice while I wait for Harry to get off the ice.
A work in progress.  Again.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

You Would Not Believe How Cozy It Is Around Here!

Jack and I are DYING to hang up our Christmas decorations, but we are going to stop ourselves becauue THANKSGIVING!!  )But we can still shop, you know?)
Oh.  Hey.  IT SNOWED.

 I am with Harry-- nothing better than curling up with a good book on a chilly day!
 My room?  Is starting to run out of wall space.
 Little kid hockey!  I forgot how adorable it is!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I dint know what happened, you guys, but November came, and with it, some truly fantastic mornings.
No clothes dramz (or at least none that I care about)
The kids make their own beds
I stole a pair of Jack's shoes
And!! I have started running again on the ellipitcal instead of just sort of ambling along.  Wonderful all round!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Crafty little suckers

We used to keep a huge old gray tub in the front closet with all kinds of craft supplies all jumbled up together.  The kids played with about the top third of this bin (all that was accessible), and we kept buying more of the same stuff and just dumping it in the bin because we couldn't see what the heck was going on in there.

Then!  One day!  I had a lightening bulb of an idea, and I found an old plastic 3-drawer storage unit thing in the basement and brought it upstairs for art stuff.  Now we have a drawer for pencils, a drawer for markers, a drawer for crayons, a drawer for stickers, glue, googley eyes, tape, scissors, and collage pieces, and a drawer for fancy paper (what Cooper calls computer paper, also post-its, tissue paper, and a huge stack of dot matrix paper from my office).  The huge gray tub holds coloring books, construction paper, finger paints and paper, and those really big paper rolls that won't fit in the little caddy (which the kids can totally drag into the living room or their bedrooms if they promise not to write on the walls).  And  I even had room in the closet to find all of the Play-Doh stuff in the bottom of the old art bin and put it in its own little bin for easy access.  

The result?

So much more crafting!  And almost zero involvement on my part.  I don;t have to find anything for anyone or fetch anything for anyone, and it's totally easy for them to clean up.
Paper bags masks and swords were a huge hit inside AND outside
He was bag man ALL DAY.
He even made body armor.
And I?  Set up shop next to all the art stuff with an afternoon snack and worked on my novel.  WHICH I HAVE WORKED ON EVERYDAY THIS MONTH.
Play Doh!  Anytime she wants to play with it!
(Also!  YOU GUYS!  Make Halloween candy brownies!!) (I could only make half a pan because SOME PEOPLE like their brownies plain)
Tiny little Play Doh desserts (And pajamas that both Jack and Cooper wore in a similar mix and match style)
Practicing the trick letter "e" that she has since conquered.  Next up?  "s" and then "c."
(That was the real impetus for my art bin clean out, by the way.  Dorothy needed a little fine motor practice, and I wanted to make it not a giant pain in anyone's butt, especially hers).

Monday, November 12, 2018


WHEN am I going to shop for Hanukkah?  AND WHAT AM I GOING TO BUY?!?! GAH.  **head exploding**

Oh my goodness!  Look at basketball!  Middle school basketball!  So cute!  (Harry is, um, aggressive when he plays basketball.  HOW SURPRISING).
 She is kind of crabby (SO SO SO CRABBY) after school, being dragged to the boys' activities.  But generally, she is a pretty good sport.
 Oh, you know, just some before-school strangling.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

What We're Eating This Week 46/52

NOTHING because we have either a fun thing (yay trivia!) or a kid thing EVERY DARN NIGHT.  Also!!  Harrison has decided he would like to be vegetarian for the week which ugh guys.  SO MANY BEANS.  I am trying to convince him to at least be a pescatarian because eggs are FINE and fish, too.  So, we'll see.  Also, DAIRY.  SO, I would like him to just stay clear of poultry and pork and beef for my own ease.

Anywho, I am making this vegetable soup, these enchiladas, this curried vegetable pot pie, and this pasta.  I don't know when.  (Like, all on Sunday?  Save one for later? Try to cook before work in the morning??)  When we will all eat it is a total effing mystery.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Stuff and Nonesense

Cooper lost another tooth, and it was SO BIG you guys. Literal baby shark.
The kids played hide and seek the other day, and Cooper hid in the tub for like 20 minutes.  I think the finder didn't want to, um, find him.
Dorothy, very serious, at dive lessons.  No shoes on the pool deck, so the place is full of fully clothed people with bare feet.  So weird.
Little diver.
She's such a little monkey still.  THANK GOODNESS.
You guys.  I know I say this a lot, which has likely destroyed my credibility, BUT.  MAKE THESE COOKIES.  They are the best cookies I have ever made.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Back in the purple!!

I felt sick to my stomach all day Tuesday.  ALL DAY.  But especially when I walked past vote signs.
Ben and I went to the Tony Evers election night party, and I was so anxious that the delicious beer and curds we ate before the event made me want to puke.  But I kept eating them because obvi.
I couldn't even stomach a blue wave, and you know how I love the themed drinks.
Excited!  But also nervous!
At this point, it totally looked like Evers was going to win, and we wondered why they weren't calling it.  And then his lead shrunk and shrunk and shrunk and shrunk.
And then Walker was up by a little.

And then!  Early and absentee ballots from Milwaukee!  

And suddenly, Wisconsin was purple again!
You all know that I am a raging liberal who would prefer all Dems all the time, right?  BUT, not everyone in WI thinks like me (shocker, I know because I am always right while being left).  And now?  I think our state representation (with the exception of some terribly gerrymandered house districts) reflects this state pretty well.  Dem gov, AG, sec of state, and treasurer, but GOP legislature. One liberal senator. On conservative.  A mixed bag on the courts.  Purple.  I'll take it, happily.

Also, 92% of my city voted, and 75% of those voters picked the same ticket I did-- is it any wonder I am happy here?

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Ugh, you guys. I don't think my fast is working anymore.

I have been doing the 16/8 intermittent fasting for over a year, and things were working out so well. I lost weight.  I kept it off.  I ate whatever I wanted and really didn't feel emotionally connected to food or limited by food or anything like that.

And then!

All of the sudden, I was back to weird emotional eating, overeating, and the loss of some of the best benefits of the fast, namely freedom from food angst.

Like the other day.  I ate a tbsp of peanut better on a piece of pumpernickel bread, a huge apple, and a giant bag of grapes for lunch.  Then I took the kids out for donuts and had one.  Then for dinner I had a single bean, rice, cheese, and veggie enchilada (homemade) with a single serving of tortilla chips, a tbsp of sour cream, some salsa, and some cut up red pepper. 

And if I had stopped there, there would have been fine. I would have felt full and enjoyed my donut.  The end.

But instead, I had a couple glasses of wine, some Teddy grahams, another huge apple, and 2 small Almond Joys and went to bed with indigestion-- something that has been happening so much my doctor wrote me an antacid prescription.  But I think all of my night troubles? Are caused by TOO MUCH FOOD.  I wasn't even hungry  And!  Instead of stopping my food at 6 like a responsible adult, I ate until 10 pm and spent the whole next day being hungry.  WHAT THE HELL?

A host of one of my favorite podcasts had the new year's resolution to weigh herself everyday.  I have kind of gone the opposite direction on that one and haven't weighed myself at all in 2018.  Maybe that's what I need to do to help monitor my intake situation?  For me, fasting went best when I was listening to my body and not just cramming whatever into my face because my eating window was open.  So, maybe that's the key to success.  For awhile there, I was eating 5 servings of fruits and veggies as soon as my fast ended and then having another snack later.  But then! I started eating so much for lunch that I wasn't hungry again for the rest of the day and ate anyway, hence the indigestion, I think.

Bah, humbug.  Back to the drawing board.  I am committed to making this work.  I do, after all, love a midday donut.

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Back on the Ice

Oh, hockey season.  I can't say that I have missed it, but I have noticed its absence, which is kind of saying the same thing, I guess.

Harry's team won their first game 4-1, and Harry had 2 goals and an assist.  He also had ZERO PENALTIES, and after he knocked the goalie's stick out of his hand, he skated over and gave it back.  Progress.

Also!  The kids are growing up.

I used to pack such elaborate bags for hockey games, and this weekend?  All I brought was this:
 A random jack-o-lantern with a ziploc of candy, some toys on the floor of Dorothy's bedroom, a Shimmer and Shine coloring book, and a few colored pencils.  SO EASY.

Hey!  Check it out:  COACH BEN!!
 Harry on the ice! (He's the one with the bright shoelaces OF COURSE)
 Harry skating hard!
And!  You know what?  I am the kind of mom who, if you ask THE DAY BEFORE if she can sew on your nameplate on your jersey?  She can!  And she does!

Speaking of awesome moms, it's my mom's 66th bday!  If you see her around, tell her happy bday! And also!  CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE IS 66?!  I hope I also look young forever.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


Harry and I got in the voting spirit (I HAVE BEEN IN THE VOTING SPIRIT FOR 2 LONG YEARS) by attending a really awesome rally with Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren.
 We also met an amazing state legislator Sheila Stubbs
 I have never seen Tammy Baldwin in person-- she is tiny!  And also so sweet and soft spoken and then!  A TOTAL BADASS.  I am totally charmed.
 And Elizabeth Warren!  OMG! She was fantastic!  So dynamic and such a good explainer-- she could rival Bill Clinton for an explainer in chief title.
 We got a picture with Tammy Baldwin, but Elizabeth Warren went the other way (avoiding the VIP section which is totally apropos), so Harry had to hustle to get a pic
 And then, Starbucks, natch.
VOTE like democracy depends on it.