Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Kids, dog, etc

Beatrix  might make my couch pillow hairy and smelly, but catching her curled up on them always makes me feel more zen:

Speaking of animals doing cute things!  Both Cooper and Dorothy are at an age where they LOVE to color, draw, and write, and they take these activities VERY FREAKING SERIOUSLY.

Speaking of Dorothy, she is in a pretty major American Girl phase JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Not only does she like to make what she calls "blank doll eyes," but she is also completely interested in everything in the toy catalog

I have no transition here, but Aldi?  My favorite place in the whole world to grocery shop?  Has chocolate chip bread that makes the best-- and messiest-- cinnamon toast.  We just thought you should know.
Speaking of nothing in particular, in my quest to be THE FUN MOM (I will wait for you to stop laughing), I did a make-your-own-pizza and movie night (Elf) MID WEEK last week.  How crazy fun is that?
While that delightful mess was happening, Ben was a delightful mess across town where he became an official Elk, meaning I have unfettered access to the best old fashioneds in town.  And also, the people there told him membership has declined along with tougher DUI laws in the state which LOL FOR DAYS.  YOU THINK SO? Poor Ben, the forever Elks lodge date night designated driver.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Show-and-Tell-Worthy Weekend

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you will know that I am a thousand percent in parenting for the head pats.  So, you will understand when I say that I love love love sending the kids to school on Monday after an epic weekend and hearing them talk so seriously about what they will share for morning circle time (they have to pick just one thing!) and what they will write about for morning work.

This weekend was especially awesome

We dropped by the neighborhood hill for our first sled of the season.

We went to the women's hockey game and SAW BUCKY

We hosted a small dinner party

At that dinner party the kids found one of Beatrix's teeth behind the couch (perfect. just what you want when people are at your house for dinner), and the next day, the kids discovered that the tooth fairy left a present under her pillow.
Plus!  Harry and Cooper both had great days on the ice
Dorothy and Cooper walked to school debating which highlight to talk about-- it was adorable all around.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Hey! Read this other thing over here!

I wrote a quick post for the kids' old preschool.  You can read it right here.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Another day, another protest

High school and college students organized a protest to show support for DACA, and Harrison wanted to go.  Because he is, of course, the wokest middle schooler in the suburb.  It's our fault-- he's been waving signs on the capitol steps since he was 4-and-a-half.

This march/rally was student-led, and with chants in many languages, a mix of kids goofing off and taking selfies and kids leading the crowd, shouting instructions for how to behave inside the statehouse.

 He was wearing snow pants, as you do when it is 10 degrees outside and windy.

 Representative Chris Taylor gave a rousing speech to the assembled kids
How cute are the tiny kids on the ledge?
I guess I need to have protest sign supplies in my art supply coset on the regular.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Some quick pics from a WEEK

All hail Queen Bea
Crafting is serious bizness
 Omg.  Their holiday spirit cannot be contained.
 Hi.  I live in a hockey rink now.
 Cooper has a renewed interest in dominoes, which means I spend tons of time CLEANING UP DOMINOES.
 They lost their ball.
 Milkshakes for breakfast.
 That's effing teamwork! (read this in your best Tenacious D impression)
 I can't figure out why I am gaining weight back.  Weird.
 Super weird.
 Cute, but also dirty.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Happy birthday Mom!

I have posted most of these pics on Facebook already, but my mom came to town for the first part of her birthday celebration.  (We will pick it up again in December when Hamilton is in town), and we had so much fun!!!

We started with a family dinner and perfect cake

And then the next day, we were back at the Candle Bar to make candles (we picked the same candle holder AND the same scent)

We followed this up with lunch and shopping before heading ton the Elks Lodge for dinner

No one else wanted to selfie in the cloakroom, but these shoes, right?
After dinner, Ben enjoyed some cake on the couch
And my mom and I hit one last store before she left on Sunday-- a perfect weekend!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Backstage life

Ugh, you guys.  I feel like I am living my whole life backstage.

Like, my family goes out into the world everyday, and I just stay home and clean up all of their stuff.  And then they traipse through the house and leave their stuff all over the place, and I spend hours and hours in the background cleaning it all up again.  Also, I am the prop person, the costume mistress, and the one who makes sure the set is ready to go.  THIS METAPHOR IS ENDLESS.

But, being tech support for the whole show? It's, um, not ideal.

In other words, the book is not going great because I never have time to write.  Also, I have almost no time to read.  Also, I have 100 exams to grade, and I just opened up next Wednesday's lecture slides, and they are BLANK.  BLANK?!  What the what?  I could have sworn that I prepped my whole class before summer.  WHAT OTHER SURPRISES ARE IN STORE FOR ME??

Here's Ben and 8 am, ready for a starring role in his own life.
 And here's me, same time,. stage crew all the way.