Thursday, July 18, 2019


 This is the first-- and maybe it was even the last because this summer is getting NUTS-- day we could spend the morning at FAMILY FLOAT DAY, and we loaded Dorothy's new unicorn float from Aldi on the car and headed to the pool.

Like you do.

 Especially when it fell off on the way there.
 And then we fixed it and it fell off again.
 So festive!
 See me in my perfectly normal float?
 YIKES-- things are getting crazy in here.
 Bringing the unicorn out to the car

I got in the pool even though it was about to storm because the floats were SO BIG and I was worried that Dorothy could drown even though she's a great swimmer.  Apparently, I was not the only person who was worried about this because here's what greeted me on the pool's Facebook page:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What am I even doing?

The other day started off totally normal, like any other darn day.  Some silliness at the pool.
 A trip to DQ.
 And then.  I went to a work party with Ben. 


Can you even?  Because clearly, I could not.

Monday, July 15, 2019

New room/new sport/new skillz

Well, I guess calling it a new room is kind of overkill.  But!  Our friends gave Dorothy their daughter's super cute bedroom decor because their daughter switched room themes.  And the really exciting part is that Dorothy likes it so much she makes her own bed every darn day.  CAN YOU EVEN?

 The boys became their very dorkiest selves and signed up to play Quidditch at the library AND LOVED IT. The librarian told them they can play Quidditch in college (at the rec level, I assume) and they are STOKED.
 Meanwhile Dorothy and I went to story time, but we left in the middle because she was too distracted by the book she was reading, which I love so much.  A chapter book reader!  They are all chapter book readers!  This feels big.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Give me an S!


I cannot get enough of the long lazy days

 The adorable baseball!
 (Which Cooper L-O-V-E-S)
 I can't get enough pool nights
 And trips down the slide.  Do you remember when I wrote this post?  Well, I wish I could go back a couple of years and tell that me she had nothing to worry about.
 Did I mention the baseball?

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Happy Fourth!

 Another holiday, another day to feel EVEN SADDER THAN USUAL.

Not them, obvs.
 I really like holidays, so feeling so iffy about one is a major bummer for me.  I don't want to be the Scrooge.  You know?

So, we put on our patriotic best and headed to Pekin, even though we have been spending most Fourths with my parents, going to our small-town fireworks show.
 Look closely, and note that Ben is wearing not one but 2 pairs of sunglasses.
Also, there were poppers.
 I sat in the way back on the way to the stadium.
 Just think!  If we moved to Pekin, they would be Dragons!
 We sat on the other side of the stadium, which was Harry's idea because he thought it would make me less sad.  It pretty much worked.
 And we continued our trend of being the kind of houseguests who CLASS THE PLACE UP.

It's sometimes just really hard to grasp that this is our new normal.  Even though it's still pretty great.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Working mom perspective

Usually, I am a quantity time mom, meaning that I spend all damn week with my kids, and my weekends are mine for cleaning and shopping and not driving all over the sate for sportsball because that's what my quality time husband does.  But! Since I worked full time the other week, I , too, was a quality time parent.  And I kind of liked it.

Having big kids means that errands are a TON easier than they used to be.

 We even squeezed in a trip to the library.

 And the ice cream store!  Where I broke my fast with a French toast cone.
 I am a YUGE fan of her fuzzy slippers.
 We also had plenty of time to do nothing by the pool.

 IN A 2-PIECE!  Despite my best judgment
Don't get me wrong, I love my days at home,  But!  The weekend as a real working mom was, dare I say, funner than I thought it would be.