Saturday, May 23, 2015

ANOTER catch up post? LAME, huh?

When I woke up this morning, I thought I might die from my hangover.

Then I realized the house still smelled like backyard bonfire blowing in through the windows.

And finally, I noticed that my ridiculous arms and chest sunburn was still bright pink.

An excellent start to the day.

Not nearly as excellent, though, as Dorothy found Tuesday's after school cookies.  Tuesday was also notable because we went to the bar after PTO.
 We got to see sweet baby on Wednesday
 And spend plenty of time hanging out at home
 Then I went BACK to the bar for wine club on Wednesday after first hitting up my favorite nail salon that serves wine for pre-pool-opening pedicures with some friends

 Brief break in all the drinking for a lovely Thursday.
 On Friday, a fellow-PTO mom friend and I ran the PTO-lunch-with-teacher auction prize lunch hour.  Which was really about 2.5 hours.  That we spent serving sandwiches in a room that smelled like onions because the sandwich shop delivered a VAT of them on the side.
 Then we went to the bar AGAIN for our own lunch, which is where I got the raging farmers tan/sunburn.  (That's a beef stick in my drink)
 Jack was dressed up because he won be-the-principal-for-a-half-day in the auction a couple months ago.  I don;t know why he was on the counter.
 My sunburn.
 Friday night, we made a bonfire and had some friends over for even more drinks and s'mores.
 Just a small fire.
 I wanted to join Beatrix on the deck this morning, but instead, Ben and Harry went to lacrosse, and I took the other 3 to the zoo where a new arctic exhibit just opened.
 The kids love every zoo photo opp

 Ben and Harry met us for zoo lunch

 And a quick ride on the merry-go-round

 They were bored of animals and wanted to go to the pool but found a few minutes for statues.

 Jack was cracking himself up because he was between the lions-- Between the Lions is his favorite show to watch at school.
 Harry and I walked to the pool, so I could get steps on my Fitbit, but then Ben took the pool bag-- with my Fitbit inside it-- home and I walked home but got no step credit so I binged on pizza and Oreos because I figured fuck it.
 Dorothy LOVED the pool even though she got burned on the top of her sweet head.
 Oh, Jack.

 Dorothy passed out waiting for the pizza.
I need to figure out how to have wicked fun this summer-- because OMG this last week has been so fun--without drinking everyday or blowing my calorie budget.  Not sure if that's possible!

Monday, May 18, 2015

This was SUCH a Monday-- and Happy Birthday, Beatrix!

Ben had an in-service all day, so I got to experience the joy that is early dismissal Monday, when the big kids come home at about 1:55 and DESTROY the peaceful afternoon slumber we have going on.  Usually, you see, Ben stays home on Monday afternoons.  But I am ALL DONE WORKING, so I was with the kids aaaaaall day, and I hope this was not a preview of how Mondays will go for me in the fall because Ben has a later class, and he won't be home until like 3:00 in the fall and I will have to HAUL ASS to campus for my 4-6pm meeting.

The morning was fine-- a little chaotic, but I am used to the morning being my time at home, so it was OK. I got like 2000 steps and worked up a sweat getting the boys out the door, Cooper and Dorothy dressed, the kitchen cleaned, beds made, and myself in workout gear.  Dorothy and I took Cooper to school, and then we took a 6,000-step walk to a park sort of by our house.  But Dorothy fell asleep in the stroller on the way there. And then when we had been paying for about 1800 steps, she shit herself so extravagantly that it got all over her jeans and sweatshirt, and we had to job 2,000 steps home for a change.  I also had to do some work stuff before getting Cooper.

The three of us came home and I did assorted housework, made lunch, and put them down for a nap.  Which, OF COURSE Dorothy didn't take because of the stroller thing. (But she stayed in her bed because seriously you guys.  I NEED THAT NAP).  I was just barely out of the shower with wet hair but cute accessories when the boys came home punching each other and screaming about their (terrible) talent show act that goes up for audition tomorrow.  They woke up Cooper, but I kept Dorothy in her crib for 15 more minutes while I washed lunch boxes, went though back packs, straightened my hair, etc.  

In that 15 minutes,  Dorothy took off a poopy pull-up and smeared it everywhere.  She had a shit mustache, even.

My reward for cleaning all that up and putting ALL of her bedding and eleventy billion stuffed animals in the wash and bathing/changing Dorothy was a trip to 2 libraries and an ice bream parlor with all 4 kids.

Good news:  everyone flamed out early, and I am nicely tipsy.

Also, IT'S BEATRIX'S BIRTHDAY!!  The best dog in the universe is 1 today!

Harry and Dorothy and I went to the same park yesterday, too, but we took a 4,00-step shortcut.
 It has fun toys!

 Here we were today.  It was cold.
 That purse!  Everywhere!
 He really likes ice cream.
 I did not take a picture of Jack, apparently, but I took 2 of Dorothy.
 Beatrix's birthday celebration!

 Complete with doggy frozen custard.
You guys, she is the sweetest, most laid-back dog in the world, and we love her so much!  She is no trouble-- she loves to loll about in the sunshine all day, then binge eat at night and pass out in her bed or on the couch until Ben puts her to bed where she sleeps until 7 or so.  Then the boys walk her, and she starts the whole process again.  She's wonderful.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm 37.

I don't even know how I have been so busy-- so busy that I haven't blogged in almost a week again.  I am not reading very quickly either, and I don't even know why.  As I typed that last sentence I panicked that I haven't submitted by grades for the semester yet, but then I just did it.  Phew!

Tonight, I left the house almost by myself (Harry came with) to go grocery shopping, but horror of horrors, Costco was CLOSED, so I had to go to Super Target.  And now, I think I will become totally addicted to the Cartwheel app because between that and my RED card, OMG.  I mean, I can't get everything I need at Costco, and I have to supplement at Whole Foods or a local grocery store, but we have been saving tons of grocery dollars by shopping around and hitting up more than one store a week.  I have a little under half of our grocery budget left (another insane thing we are trying-- a GROCERY BUDGET.  I know-- so retro), and I got everything on my list tonight at Target.  And!  Applegate Farms lunch meat is SO CHEAP at the Super Target deli counter, and it came with a free half pound of cheese.  The only thing I completely missed from Costco is that awesome $9 plastic tub of organic apple slices that don't turn brown in the kids' lunches. Also organic spinach by the half ton because I eat about 3 cups in my egg white scramble every morning.  But Target's wine totally sucks, and I need to go to Whole Foods for the snowflakes' syrup because they require from-scratch pancakes about 3 morning a week.  And there's a local store that carries a local brand of salsa I am addicted to and another cheese shop that has the best snacks.  But my point is!  TL; DR Super Target can be a really good deal.

What else?  I organized a pedicure party this week at my fave trashy salon that serves wine because the POOL IS OPENING, and then I sneaked behind Ben;s bed to shut the window when the air came on today, and knocked over his bedside lamp and it fell on my toe and ripped all the skin off of it and I don't think I can go to a trashy nail place with gaping wounds.  Bummer.

I have a terrible Veggie Straws addiction and cannot buy them at Costco ever again.

My parents got me a Fitbit for my birthday. and I LOVE IT.  But I ordered a small because when given the choice between a small and a large (there is no medium), I assume I am a small.  But it's really tight, and now I hate the one body part I have historically been fine with.  THANKS A LOT, FITBIT.

On Tuesday, Ben was in charge of the kids for breakfast and I worked out, so I didn't see Jack's ensemble before I got to school to volunteer in his class.  Look at his shoes.  That kid kills me.  On anther note, I ordered all the boys Adidas sandals today because their feet smell so terrible I almost puked when I was on the floor changing Dorothy's diaper, and all of their shoes have to stay in the garage.

 On my birthday eve, I dressed these two in my favorite jammies leftover from Harry and Jack's babyhood.
 Cooper is apparently part cat.  (The other part is monkey)
 Ben put flowers on the doorstep for me on my birthday when he left for work, leaving me home with the kids for 14 freaking hours.  I found them when I ran outside in my PJs around 9:30 with a dirty diaper I wanted to stuff in the curbside garbage can before the truck came by.  SO GLAM.
 My birthday was so low key it didn't HAVE a key, even.   I stayed home with the kids.  I took an hour nap with the babies but then had to wake up and run to the grocery store to get vanilla because the day after my birthday was Harry's snack day, and he wanted oatmeal raisin cookies.

When the big kids got home from school, we loaded up and went to the library, ate a picnic by a cute little pond, and played at a park until bath time.  Then after everyone was asleep and my truly outstanding cookies were done Ben came home with adorable margarita glasses and pitcher and bowl and Patron and we had delicious margaritas.

Dorothy LOVES the library we just discovered last week.  We've already been there 4 times.
 Cooper is also a huge fan.
 So's Harrison.  He is so weird, by the way.  HE DOESN'T LIKE the 4th Harry Potter book.  He reluctantly started reading it again because I said we could go to Universal as soon as he finishes the series because I need to go there with someone who gets it, but then he stopped because the last book in his James Patterson series came in from his old lady library holds.
 Dorothy loved the cupcakes at our picnic.
 Harry thought the park would be too babyish for him and ransacked the car for a lacrosse ball.  But when he could find one, he scampered to the top of this geodesic dome and spent the next hour and a half playing like an 8 year old.
 Parks are her favorite.  Also her favorite?  Glitter Mary Janes that have lost all the glitter on the toe.
 Not too cool for the park after all.
 Cooper was FREAKED OUT even with a spot.
 On Thursday, Dorothy packed her purse with crayons and Princess Elsa dolls and came to the office with me for a quick meeting.  She was super annoyed that none of the pictures on the wall-- and I do mean none of them-- are of her.  She kept asking why, and I had no good answer.
 Then I had to run to school to deliver food for a pizza party that a first grader won in our school auction.  I took a moment to laugh at Jack, who was almost the slowest eater in his class-- everyone else was at recess already.
 Thursday afternoon was the pioneer museum in Jack's class.  His teacher team teaches with harry;'s old first grade teacher, making this our second pioneer museum.

Jack is demonstrating pioneer toys.
 Harry and I totally broke his diorama and then we tried to nonchalantly reassemble it, but obviously we messed it up even more.
 Such an authentic costume.
 Thursday night was a helluva cluster.  Jack had a make up soccer game.  Harry had soccer and lacrosse practice, and Ben had a condo meeting.  Plus I invited friends over to watch the Scandal finale.  I took the babies to the park in the rain until soccer practice got cancelled.  Dorothy took her purse because she takes it everywhere.
 This was HILARIOUS.  Cooper kept getting knocked down by the swing.  And then at one point he ran in front of it to give Dorothy back her purse, and he got knocked down that way too.  He took it well.
 Friday, crazy hat day.  I mean, I think that's why he was wearing the hat.  I don;t totally know though given his pioneer getup.
 Baby Henry came over, and we had a garage sale, which is why we are sitting in the garage in this pic.  But poor baby Henry had a fever-- his first little cold-- and he was pretty grump.  But still adorable.
 Found this on my camera. Honestly didn't know I could be this ugly, so that's awesome.
 He is right to be wary.  She is a monster.
 Ben is still a bay charmer, and he can drop Tylenol down tiny little throats like nobdody's business.
 Harry and Jack watched Paddington and slept in a tent in the basement last night.  I made them some popcorn in the Whirlypop and brought down a bowl of Reese's PB cup minis and a plate of two different kinds of cookies and asked if they needed anything else, and they said yes please a fruit salad and the most unbelievable thing is that I made it.
 Harry and Ben had a lacrosse tournament an hour away from 9-5 today, so I took these little clowns to the zoo.
 They were being flamingos, obvi.
 Oh, Jack.
 Her pouty face is my favorite.