Monday, July 25, 2016

A thrill a minute around here.

I HAVE LOST 3 POUNDS!  In like 15 days, but that's OK.  The old metabolism ain't what she used to be, OBVI.

Harry and Jack are taking golf lessons and are clearly wild about them. They hit balls any chance they get.  And one of those chances was on Thursday morning.  I bumped into them and Cooper, who dressed himself like The Dude, on my way home from my walk.  I was charmed, and the kids rarely charm me lately.
 Poor sick baby Henry spent the morning with us before his dad took him to the doctor and found out he had hand, foot, and mouth!!!  No symptoms here.  YET.
 I maintain that it would have been hot enough to bake these cookies on the dashboard, but a huge storm came through, and the temps dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes.  It was creepy.
 These peppers!  Better than chips almost when making nachos.
 The storm knocked out power, but the kids played with flashlights and watched Guardians of the Galaxy on my computer.  Jack turned to me and said, "Did this ever happen to you when you were a kid?"  I was like um yeah it must have in a kind of dismissive way because I don't remember any specific incidents.  He bleated, "Were you really scared, too?" And I felt SO BAD FOR HIM.  I never even considered that they might be scared.  But, as Jack explained, they'd never experienced a power outage before.  Oops.
 I read my book by candlelight and had a lovely evening.

 We had a thrilling rainy Saturday spent cleaning out storage rooms.  I consolidated all of the (upstairs) art stuff into a big box, and the kids played together nicely for over an hour.  Magic.
 We went out Saturday night with fun friends and paid the price Sunday morning FOR SURE.
 No caption needed:

And now it's MONDAY.  And there are swimming and diving lessons screaming my name.  Erm.  My kids' names.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We finally after 10 years of parenting figured out how to survive the cranky pre dinner hour!

Drink a bottle of wine.

That's not totally great diet advice, though.  But!  My diet has been going great!  Except for today after dinner when I ate a bunch of chocolate chips ad Teddy Grahams cleaning up the kitchen.  I should NEVER be left alone to clean up the kitchen.  And I am slated to g out for both lunch and dinner on Friday.  But never fear!  I will have a terrific weigh in on Sunday if it kills me.

Hey!  I am around the internet in other places!

See my LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER performance here (LTYM was a dream of an experience.  If there's a show in your city, you should absolutely audition-- it was so fun!) (And I am trying to be body positive, but damn I would pick a different dress if I had my druthers).

Also, I filmed a bunch of Moms Everyday minute-long clips last month, and they are starting to air.  Here's the first one here.

I also wrote 2 posts for my local city moms' blog before it went on a July hiatus.  I think maybe I shared them before, but they are here and here.

Um, what else?

MY DRYER WORKS again thank goodness.  It was a looong weekend of hanging clothes in the back yard.  Harry almost fainted when he saw his boxers swaying in the breeze.

I worked in my office on Tuesday and have an actual meeting on campus tomorrow like a person with a job or something (which, of course, I m, but summer and online teaching makes me forget).

We are spending a little time everyday with sweet little Henry, and it's been really fun except for Dorothy who turns into a jealous little monster.

But aren't they a cute little pair?
 He really wanted to stand in the shopping cart
 So of course Cooper did too.
 Also, I really like that he likes my food.

 Dorothy dressed Kit in a Bitty Twin dress (so short!) and marched her to the park.
 To gracefully go down the slide.
 And Jack!  Can do the monkey bars! He has been scared of them since he broke his wrist after falling off monkey bars like 3 years ago.
 Nobody panic!  I have a rainy day plan, and it looks pretty solid.  (No, not the sriracha hummus, although, now that you mention it...)
 This looks cute, but seconds later, there was a triple tantrum and we had to evacuate.  I came back with Harry after dropping the 3 (THREE?? SERIOUSLY??) screamers off at home.
It's my fault, though, because I kept Harry and Jack up until 11 seeing Ghostbusters.  WHICH WAS GREAT, haters be damned.  We ain't afraid of no patriarchy.

(Actually, I am really, really afraid of the patriarchy.  Thanks, RNC).

BONUS:  Dorothy is taking a Frozen ballet camp, and this video is my favorite:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I gave Jack my phone to take the above video of Dorothy diving into the pool, and he returned it with a million selfies which is exactly like his dad.

(There were bout 24 variations of this pose)

I gave Ben my phone to take a picture of my mom and me after dinner on Friday night, and I found these:

I addition, at least, to this:

My parents were in town for the AMERICAN GIRL SALE!!!!!

Even though Dorothy has 7 American Girl dolls (4 girls of the year and 3 historical dolls), 2 Bitty Twins, a Bitty Baby, and 3 more girls waiting in boxes in the basement (Molly, Emily, and Samantha), we went ahead and bought Caroline and Addy anyway because they are so cute.  And tons and tons of clothes.  And a couple of books because we are not Philistines.

I only took one picture, and it was of this guy incongruously ready The New Yorker in the line up tent with a million ladies our ages and their Thirty-One bags:
The lady in front of us was from North Carolina, and I was so confused.  I mean  the dolls are like $25 cheaper than the store, and the clothes are about $10-15 off-- by the time you come all the way here from North Carolina, there's no way any of it is a good deal.  But maybe, like us, she loves the thrill of competitive shopping.  The only real steal is the books ($1-3!!) and  the Truly Me dolls that are $58.

I didn't know anything about Mary Ellen before I saw a sign on the way in telling me she was sold out, but now, I really want to snag her next year.  I know I could order her from the website right now, but that's not the point.  I am into the thrill of the hunt.  Yes, yes.  I did just read that whole paragraph again and realize something's wrong with me.  It's OK.  I am working through it.  By ignoring it, obvs, and continuing to buy AG dolls like a literal crazy person.

In other news.

Dorothy's rec center ballet class started up again and it still delightfully adorable.
 Our dryer broke at 2:30 on Friday afternoon.  There's a guy coming on Monday, but until then, this:
 We had lunch on the Terrace on Saturday before my parents went home, and it was really fun.  Also, there is a super food side salad that was totally perfect with a grilled chicken patty thrown in.

 Pool Dorothy might edge out Ballet Dorothy as my favorite Dorothy.
 Pool Cooper is pretty fun, too.

 And!  We finally made Cooper's mini-golf dream come true.  But the place was packed, so we did the indoor course, which we had all to ourselves.

 And the kids finished with ice cream while Ben and I drooled and entered our skinnytaste enchilada dinner on My Fitness Pal in anticipation.

I have lost 2 pounds!  But I am still my fattest ever! This week, we look forward to dryer repair and fighting about signing the kids up for their fall activities (Harry: fall baseball, football, and hockey; Jack: Cub Scouts, gymnastics, and his reading tutor; Cooper: hockey (he is not a huge fan of classes and is going to 4K 5 mornings a week, which I am sure will be a huge adjustment); Dorothy: ballet/hip-hop, gymnastics, and ice skating).  So, look forward to hearing about that.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hashtag Contented.

What I am about to say will shock you.



I can't believe it either.  We had a great time cooking meat on the fire and fishing and lazing around.  The kids are not what you might call hikers, but that's OK.  It was cold at night and gorgeous in the morning and just FUN.  I want to do it again.  In a tent, even.

I KNOW. Totally unexpected but a lovely surprise.  Like aNew Year's Eve babysitter with her own car but more realistic.

We came into town from the fourth of July on Tuesday and left just a couple of days later, so I ordered groceries for delivery and did a TERRIBLE job.  Don't grocery shop while doing fifty other things.  You'll get orange juice with extra pulp and no coffee.  I was out of all of our usual stuff, so I had to improvise for breakfast, and the kids LOVED toad in a hole and next time I will up my game and make cute shapes.
 I did such a bad job grocery shopping that I even got the mustard to ketchup ratio wrong:
 I didn't now he was wearing this mask until I caught sight of him at a traffic light.  CREEP CITY.
 As you can tell from the hair shot above, summer means, I relax to the point of abandoning my beauty and grooming standards.  SO DREAMY.  This shit is bleach stained, and I wore it with black running shorts.  All day.  IN PUBLIC.
 I just realized my high school reunion is in 6 weeks and I am 8 pounds above my very fattest weight.  SO.  I am back on the horse not lying to My Fitness Pal and not really eating anything but lean protein and lots of veggies and wine.  So of course, I had one more glorious nacho binge on diet eve.
 This is the doll Dorothy brought camping. She is suddenly really into her American Girls, and I could not be happier.
 Car packed to go camping!  Cooper was crying because he didn't like sitting all alone in the way back.  We had so much stuff that we had to fold down a back seat and put Harry in the jump seat in the middle row.
 Harry and Jack were excited!  Dorothy didn't care and fell asleep right after we pulled out of the driveway.
 As soon as we got to our site, the kids had some muffins and colored some pictures while Ben and I made camp.
 We had the foresight to bring along a small play tent for the kids so they could keep dirt and bugs out of the tents we would actually be sleeping in.  Dorothy set up a dolly picnic right away.
 We took a little break after getting everything set up and I moved on to my second cocktail (camping secret:  always be pretty drunk).
 Jack made me a love note for the text I thought I would be sharing with Ben.
 Harry whittled a shank.

 Ben cooked bacon-wrapped scallops, fat steaks, and corn for dinner, and we had a champagne toast to camping.
 Then we just kind of hung around until it got dark.  The kids walked to the camp store to buy junk.  We made a few trips to the disgusting bathrooms.  We just sort of explored the woods.  The kids discovered a cute little path right next to our site and played some game about being tour guides for a couple of hours.  I read a book.  It was so relaxing.

 After s'mores (make them with Reese's PB cups-- life-changer), it got really dark and we all went to bed.  Dorothy would not settle in the kid tent, so I brought her with me, but that didn't work, so finally Ben slept with the kids and Harry came in my tent.
 We read for awhile
 And woke up to a beautiful, chilly morning.

 Even Dorothy was a happy camper.
 We spent the day fishing, walking around, eating, and lazing again.

 Eventually when we were sure of the kids' marshmallow roasting skillz, we gave them unfettered access to the s'mores stuff, and they ate themselves silly.

 Dorothy added a hat to make fishing even cuter.
Breaking camp was tedious and the kids were all jerkfaces, but it was lovely to think about going home and sleeping in a BED and taking a BATH.

 Then we went straight to the pool to wash off all the no-shower-fire-smelling-bug-spray of camping.

 And now we're back to a quiet week.  Dorothy seriously loves her dollies and took one to the movies yesterday (Secret Life of Pets-- cute) and even packed a sweater in case Isabelle got cold.
 She also helped me make waffles.
 And took some friends to the pool.