Saturday, January 21, 2017

MARCH and also a hotel pool

 Dorothy has been SLAYING the fashion choices lately.

I knew that I would not be able to deal with the Inauguration and ANY OF THE NEWS yesterday, and the kids only had a half day at school, so we decided to take them to a local hotel with a fun but totally low-parent-maintenance pool.


Everyone was happy.  Early dismissal was not a slog.  I didn't have to clean up dinner because the kids ate it under the covers of a hotel bed, and I saw NOTHING until everyone was asleep when I could watch the balls, which I always love.  Also, POTUS is an endearingly bad dancer, and Pence can really cut a rug in his Men's Wearhouse tux.

But really, the pool idea was genius.

There was this funny little water feature with a pump that cased an "explosion."  It was an early fave.

 As was the hot tub, even though the chlorine fumes from the jets were so strong we all devloped barking coughs.
 Really it was the perfect size for the little kids, and Harry and Jack loved playing basketball, and we had the whole place to ourselves.

 I stopped at target on the way for junk food.

 And we adjourned to our room for pizza.

 And!  I was not the only person squeezing January's body into August's suit.
 We bathed everyone at the hotel, but we didn't stay there.  Instead, we went back at dawn when the kids woke up (more like 6:45, but you get the idea).
 Ben went out for a healthy breakfast:
 And then he took everyone to hockey (Harry got a hat trick and 2 assists, which always happened when I am not there) and I loaded up the minivan and went to the women's march, which was amazing.

My town only has 250,000 residents, and our lying liberal media is telling us that 100,000 of us were marching today at the capitol. There were kids and dads and so, so, so many moms. My favorite was the Forward! Marching Band that played traditional songs and also No Diggity and We Are Family and caused spontaneous dance parties up and down State Street. But! I also loved the chants, especially "Tell me what democracy looks like/ This is what democracy looks like" and "Walker still sucks, too." I cried from the joy of it all and posed for lots of pics for people who loved my vulgar sign. Stay woke, friends.


 I love this mall!  When the weather isn't horrible, I walk across it almost every time I go to campus.  there are usually food trucks here, and there are a bunch of coffee shops just a stone's throw away, and it's where we saw President Obama in 2010.  It's been one of my favorite places for 13 years, and today it was overflowing with pink hats and clever signs and audacious hope.
 Gorgeous, huh?
 A wall of bodies stretched from Bascom Hill to the Capitol, and we enjoyed every slow step along the way.
 These butterfly-winged stilt walkers are RIGHT!
 The most Madison thing EVAR, the Forward! Marching Band.  They restored my faith in humanity.  I even saw my dissertation adviser dancing in the street.

 More pool:

 Ben and the Prius and all the kids also had to do all of the errands.  He's the best.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

This morning started with glitter and ended with screaming

It's my fault because I made real coffee this morning and then forgot it was real and not decaf and kept slugging it back because it was making me feel SO GOOD.  Only I got to a point where I just felt baaaaaad.  My shoulders were all up around my neck, but I didn't even notice, I just thought omfgeverybodyosanassholestopchewinginmyear.

Harry and Jack had a perfectly reasonable request that I finally my god finally help them redeem their  Chrismukkah and birthday (ha ha ha ha) iTunes gift cards, so I put them on their accounts (while getting stopped 65 times for other things from other children-- why can't any of them just let me complete a single task ever?), and it was easy enough.  Then Harry tried to purchase Madden Cash in an app he loves (Madden Mobile, duh), and I got the little Apple Family Sharing purchase approval request.  I should note that these requests are super fucking annoying because if you don't respond to them on your phone's lock screen or stop what you are doing and swipe them right away when they pop up and interrupt your other apps, they are GONE FOREVER and your kids has to request again and probably nags at you about it for awhile. (They really are gone-- I just talked to a lovely Apple help person who explained that to me like I was the dumbest person ever which I think I am).  So, I approved his request but then I noticed that it was set to come off of my credit card, so I unapproved it.  But then the stupid game would not let him request it again because it thought that the request was still out there somewhere and the whole process came to a grinding halt and also there was breakfast and glitter everywhere, and I was in my Wal Mart nightie and it was time for everyone to be at school requiring me to put pants on and the children to dress themselves holy shit.  And also Jack and Harry were PISSY WITH ME Harry because of the Madden cash request limbo and Jack because HIS IPAD WAS NOT CHARGED which was sooooo not my fault.  I made the Bad Decision to stand at the kitchen counter drinking more coffee and googling my problem and just getting generally techno -angsty but not getting dressed or cleaning anything up. But finally!  The big kids left, and I threw on some leggings and wellies and a huge coat (and my Hillary Clinton shirt-- sob) and took the littles to preschool.

 And then Dorothy forgot her shoes (she can just wear her Hunters, no prob) Cooper forgot his wellies (and he'll have to borrow a school pair and thank god I won't be there because he has shoe sensory issues) and Jack forgot his lunch (already took it to him).  GAH.

Meanwhile the whole house is a shit hole and I still have my shoulders up around my neck and all of this happened because I set no alarm and made no morning preparations last night and drank too much coffee.  So it's all alarms and night prep and decaf from here on out.  Also Ben has meetings today, so I can't go to work until 3.  I hope to shower sometime between 1 and 3-- WISH ME LUCK.

And I am waiting on a call from the game app support people because I WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

Yesterday was garbage day, which is a huge darn deal, BTW.

 Ballet Dorothy is one of my top 5 favorite Dorothys
 She and her doll just happened to have matching tutus.
 I swear to god I will write this book this year.
 Recital fashion show-- she was so excited to take her first part of her first costume home!
 I was only home for maybe 36 minutes is a row yesterday.  It was BRUTAL.  After preschool, I ran the kids home to shove food in them as fast and I could and also fold laundry. The we had dance.  After dance, we ran to the library to pick up books on hold for Jack's class project.  The we went home for maybe 25 minutes (put away laundry; wash kitchen floor) until Jack got home, and we took him to his tutor.  We had another 25 minutes at home (wash lunch boxes and repack them) then we had to get Cooper and Harry ready for hockey, pick up Jack, take Cooper and Harry to hockey and wait for Ben to get there from work.  Then I took Jack and Dorothy to dinner and to Barnes and Noble to hunt down another book.  I realized we didn't have enough time to go home so Jack could change for gymnastics and it was like the one day of the whole school year that he didn't wear sweats to school, so we ran (literally) next door to Shopko and bought some and got him to gymnastics with minutes to spare.  There Dorothy and I had our first down time of the day for like 20 minutes before Ben and the other kids arrived so I could take them home and start bedtime while Ben waited for Jack and my friends came over to make protest signs and drink champagne.  OMFG.  I am tired just reading that back.

 Sign mess
 The kids were stoked to find the extra supplies this morning and got right to work because glitter is awesome.

 fierce glitter negotiations

 she now leaves sparkly footprints like the lord intended.
 I still need to clean this up
 Jack made his own breakfast.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter, man.

Preschool!  Is not enough time for me to live my damn life!

Ben went back to work this morning, and I was suddenly on my own with all the children and I miss him in a blankie kind of way.  This morning was a whirlwind!

Also, damn you, winter.
 The kids have been super crabby in the tub basically for years.  There were so many nights when I would threaten them with no bedtime story (that's how you know you're winning at parenting) to make the fake crying, screaming, whines stop.  But then!  I made them a (super annoying) playlist, and now the bath is the FUNNEST EVER.
 Cooper's class is doing these velcro letter lines to sign in every morning, and Dorothy did one, too.  I love her so much, BTW.
 Oh!  THIS BAG has changed my life by making me so much more organized and cutting down on the amount of shopping bags full of kid-crap I have to drag places (NONE!  I DON'T USE ANY OF THEM!)  Here it is all packed up for dance class today.  Luckily, one of Dorothy's recital dances requires the participation of an American Girl doll (hey there, time to examine the level of privilege in your life, huh?  every damn girl in the class has at least one AG doll to dance with, and no mom batted an eye at the request that their THREE YEAR OLD bring one).