Friday, November 02, 2018

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was amazing!  I loved every minute of the whole thing!

We had some friends, some neighbors, ad my brother's family over for the big night, and I got NO PICTURES.  This is because I was having so much fun and paying attention to people, not apps.  But also?  Would it have killed me to snap a pic of all the kids all together??  No.  No it wouldn't have.  I didn't even get a Halloween cousin pic!

But!  Desiree sent me these:

The kids had an amazing time.  Harry was at a party, so he was clearly way too cool for the festivities.
But Jack came home from school and said, "Hey! That looks like a fun table!" I can't even tell you how happy this made me because I have been sad in advance about the evaporation of little kid Halloween.  Maybe it will stick around awhile longer?
Dorothy's kindergarten class party was a hit!

I wanted to make these cute little leaf foxes with the kids, but it rained, so I couldn't count on finding real leaves.  Gah.

Then Joanne's had already closed out all of their leaves to make room for Christmas stuff, so I had to buy these giant sunflower garlands (for $2 because all of the fall stuff was already 70%=20% off on OCTOBER 30) and cut off the leaves

 Then my wiggly eyes and pom pom noses wouldn't stick to the damn leaves, so I ended up just making paper ones.  GAH.
 BETER. (Also, the Costco bubbly made the whole thing better)
 Fox in a bag!
 Success! (And they had a What Does the Fox Say dance party)
We also made scary popcorn and candy corn hands:
 And ate some popcorn with our best manners.
Plus banana ghosts (not pictured because I'm terrible at taking pictures) and cutie jack-o-lanterns.
She was off the damn wall.  I hope it was just halloween excitement, but I am for sure going to ask at conferences.
 My last kindergarten Halloween, you guys!
 I loved every second.
Even cutting out all those leaves.

Look how excited they were on the way to school!
And I was excited in the house!  Getting all the candy ready!
Some houses kicked it up a notch and gave out movie-theater boxes of candy.  SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT FOR NEXT YEAR.

Speaking of next year, blog is my witness, Ben and I are going to have a Halloween party for grownups.

Also, I decided to make blueberry muffins (to go with the Costco pizza, Costco queso, chips, and veggies I threw on the counter) and PRO TIP: The nest time to spill blueberries is when you are in a hurry.
Dorothy and Henry, after they were done trick or treating
And, finally, SO MUCH CANDY

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